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Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

The word Pharmaceutics is used in pharmacy and pharmaceutical Science to encompass many subjects, who are all associated with the steps to which a drug is, subjected, forwards the end of its development.

Pharmaceutics is the most diverse of the entire subject are as in pharmaceutical science which encompasses an understanding of basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage forms, and large scale & design and formulation of medicines.

The laboratory is well equipped with the state of art equipment and machinery required for imparting knowledge. These well-furnished laboratories cater to the practice requirements of the subjects Technology of Drugs and Cosmetics, Biopharmaceutics, Physical Pharmacy, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical engineering and Unit operation.


Name of Faculties Department Qualification Post
Dr. Krunal K Detholia Department of Pharmaceutics Ph.d , M.Pharm Vice Principal, Professor
Dr. Umang Varia Department of Pharmaceutics Ph.d , M.Pharm Professor
Dr. Hitesh Katariya Department of Pharmaceutics Ph.d , M.Pharm, PGDRA  Professor
Mr. Jay Shah Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm,Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor
Ms. Amrutha Mohandas Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm, Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor
Dr. Madhvi Kasturi Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm, Ph.D Associate Professor
Ms. Priyanka Jain Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm, Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor
Ms. Hardi Patel Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm,Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor
Ms. Vaishali Khandelwal Department of Pharmaceutics M.Pharm Assistant Professor

Instrument List

Sr. no. Name of Instrument
1. All-purpose equipment with all accessories
2. Ampule filling and sealing machine
3. Aseptic cabinet with laminar flow
4. Autoclave
5. BOD incubator
6. Brook Field Viscometer
7. Capsule filling machine
8. Colony counter
9. Disintegration tester
10. Dissolution tester USP NF32
11. Electrical Water bath
12. Fluidized bed drier
13. Friability tester
14. Gel electrophoresis
15. Hardness tester
16. Hot air oven
17. Humidity control oven
18. Inhibition zone reader
19. Microscope
20. Ointment filling  and sealing machine
21. Orbital shaker incubator
22. Refrigerated Cooling centrifuge
23. Single punch tablet machine
24. Sterility testing unit